Climate Literacy in Children's Literature and Education

In this talk, Marek Oziewicz (University of Minnesota) will share a vision of how studying children’s literature today can make a difference for the Earth’s future.

Marek Oziewicz: "I suggest that we have the opportunity—a narrow window of perhaps a decade—to lay foundations for an ecological civilization and one way to achieve it is to leverage public education into an unstoppable force of societal transformation.

I discuss the power of cultural narratives to frame parameters for cultural change and I highlight the advantages of climate literacy education conceived as a broad socio-cultural (rather than a narrow technical) competence nourished through engagement with stories, especially children's literature and media. I suggest that we, the children’s literature people, have an important role to play in helping build a climate literate society.

The talk concludes with an overview of the hows and whys of climate literacy education, drawing on the work of the Center for Climate Literacy at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities."

Climate Literacy in Children's Literature and Education
26 apr. 2024
UAntwerpen - Faculteit Letteren en Wijsbegeerte
Stadscampus Universiteit Antwerpen, Lokaal C 002,
Prinsstraat 13,, Antwerpen