Bookclub: THE MANIAC - Benjamin Labatut

In this bookclub we'll discuss THE MANIAC by Benjamin Labatut. The session will be hosted by Loren and the discussion will be in English.

In THE MANIAC Benjamín Labatut captures the technical revolution that has been taking place over the last decades, from the inception of the computer to AlphaGo. Treading the line between fiction and non-fiction, Labatut gives voice to von Neumann and his contemporaries, making them reflect on the implications of von Neumann's legacy on science and society. In the last part, the narrative shifts to the landmark match between Sedol and AlphaGo, showcasing how artificial intelligence keeps reaching new heights and examining its impact on human cognition. I am very excited to discuss this book in our book club, as I believe it masterfully captures the intersection of AI and literature, two domains that deeply fascinate me.

Practical information:

- Saturday 26 April from 10h30 till 12h30
- Participation is free, free contribution is appreciated
- Registration required via button at the top or mail to Register separately for every meeting.

Bookclub: THE MANIAC - Benjamin Labatut
26 apr. 2025
Boekhandel De Groene Waterman
Boekhandel De Groene Waterman
Wolstraat 7, Antwerpen